The Newest News in the life of The Soul Man!


Hello all you lovely people!

I hope life's treating you well and you're as happy as I am!

What a cracking year 2018 was for me. The highlight was, without doubt, my perfect wedding in April but I also had the pleasure of being one of "The 100" judges in the first series of BBC1's 'All Together Now',  which led to a number of interviews on local T.V. and radio.   I enjoyed these so much that I applied for a position at the BBC and I'm very proud to say that I'm now a regular presenter of Radio Leicester's 'The A-Word' programme on Tuesday evenings.

Another highlight of 2018 was touring the U.K. with Katch 22's 'Dr. Dolittle' and last, but definitely not least, The Soul Man Live gigs took me all over the country, from pubs and clubs to music festivals, weddings and special occasion parties. It's always a treat for me to meet new people at  my gigs but I really love seeing your familiar faces, especially those of you who remember me from your Cyprus holidays or other gigs, so do keep coming along and saying hello; I just can't get enough of you!

You know me; my life is all about getting to know people!  One of the reasons 'All Together Now' was such an unforgettable experience was that I made such fantastic friends among the fellow judges. And presenting 'The A-Word' is a dream come true because I get to chat to all kinds of interesting individuals from music, theatre, entertainment and the Arts backgrounds. I'm constantly learning about the area I live in and am starting to fully appreciate the diversity of our region and the wealth of activities on offer.  There are some truly wonderful characters out there and it's an absolute pleasure getting to spend time with them.  I also recently presented a 5-hour Saturday afternoon show, which was completely different but immensely enjoyable.  Instead of chatting to studio guests, I had the opportunity to involve my listeners much more and it was inspiring to receive all your texts and tweets and find out what you're all up to.

So, 2019 has kicked off pretty well for me.


The second series of 'All Together Now' will be airing very soon on BBC1 so don't forget to look out for me again on Saturday nights.  We're very proud that last year's winner, Michael Rice, will be representing the U.K. in this year's Eurovision Song Contest and we all wish him every success.

It would be great to see you at one of my Soul Man Live gigs; come along for a sing and a dance. Give me a hug while you're at it!  If I don't have gigs coming up in your neck of the woods, drop me a line to suggest one of your favourite live music venues and I'll see what I can do. Or book me for your very own party or fund-raising event. You know you won't regret it!

Big love to you all.


Hope to see you soon xxx

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